Family meal time – the surprising benefits that last a lifetime!

Ignite - November 2018 | taught by Diewerke Zwarte

Course description

Did you know that regular family meals can help your family to achieve healthier weights and lead to higher grades in school? In today’s world, almost half of our meals are consumed alone. Meanwhile, up to 92% of us say we want to eat healthier! Perhaps committing to one more meal a week together with the family may be the answer. From healthier eating habits to improved self-esteem, we will look at the wide range of benefits of family meal time. And we’ll give you some nice recipe (and conversation) ideas to help you gather your family around the table this week!

This course will go live on Wednesday November 14th

Diewerke Zwarte
Diewerke Zwarte

Born in the Netherlands, Didi moved to Ireland at age 8 and grew in up Co. Wicklow. She graduated with a First Class Honours Bsc. in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Trinity College Dublin and the Dublin Institute of Technology. She is CORU registered (registration number DI012088) and a member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetics Institute.